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Topkapi Palace

Bureau Veritas Certificate

Date of Approval :11 MARCH 2009

Certificate Number : 008422

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) form an integral part of the Bureau Veritas Group activities and culture. Bureau Veritas proposes to its clients services that allow them to better meet the increasing requirements of the market and local authorities in terms of risk management related to working conditions and safety of employees and end users.The Group realises 80 % of its activities on client sites, therefore the main impact of the QHSE activity lies outside of the Group, through continuous QHSE improvement of its own clients.


We care for the environment

We use energy saving lamps which consumes %80 less energy without compromising the service quality.

We use the central heating sydtem in our company.

We use energy saver room thermostats for our fan coil system.

We use energy saver room keys in each room.

Water- use reduetion equipments are used at the showers and commedes.

In order to protect our establishment, we use envirommentally-conscious chemicals which has international certificates.

In order to reduce the paper use,we try to use the computer programs and systems as much as possible.

As from the rooms , recycle paper , plastic, glass, metal and domestic wastes in every section of our company.

We provide information cards to our guests in each rooms regarding that we can change their bed sheets and pillows if they request.

We use the wear and tear textile products (sheet, towels … etc) for cleaning.

We send our waste cooking oil to the companies for biodiesel production.

We allocate the unused or out of order equipments to the people demands.

We recycle the waste batteries.